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Smallest War (1879-1880)

Passed not too much than a year from agreements of Zanjón, August 24 of 1879, begun in the Oriente of Cuba a new rising against the Spanish authorities, which was called Smallest War.

Given the way that finished the Ten years' War, and the political and economic consequences of the war, left dissatisfaction to those that had fought heroically for the freedom during ten long years. This turned out in a new revolution fomented for several Generals of the Revolution - Calíxto García, José Maceo (brother of Antonio) and Guillermo Moncada, seconded by Francisco Carrillo and Emilo Núñez.

This new war began full with energy and enthusiasm, but it didn't arrive to enough magnitude because the country wanted the peace. Smallest War lasted less than one year, but it was a clear indication that the Peace of Zanjón it was not the last peace's chapter.